Best Investment Services in Singapore (2017 Update)

Investment Services

Investment Services
Investment Services

Most of us want financial freedom. We don’t want to spend our entire life just working for money. Similarly, we don’t want to grow old, helpless, and broke. As a solution, people would decide on establishing their own business. Singapore becomes an ideal place for this since it is ranked as the easiest place to do business according to a World Bank report. A business is an effective investment, if properly managed. But if you are not yet confident with your managing skills, you can always resort to another form of investment.

There a number of investment services in Singapore. You ought to know that Singapore is popular with international investors who are looking for a brokerage in Asia. You can choose a brokerage firm as your way to invest. However, before investing, here are a few things you should know:


What brokerage firms are

A brokerage firm is a financial institution that has brokers and experts who managethe buying and selling of financial securities (e.g. shares) between a buyer and a seller. It also facilitates the trade of stocks and other securities among its clients.


Factors to consider upon choosing

There are a number of factors to consider before choosing your brokerage firm. One important factor is the commission fee. You should check how much commission fee a firm charges forevery transaction you make. If you are able to know the amount of the fee, you can adjust or limit the buying and selling of stocks.Another important factor to consider is how a firm facilitates trading. You should choose a firm that manages trading online for fast and easy transactions.


Top stock brokers in Singapore

Most of the brokerage firms in Singapore are bank-owned. One popular brokerage firm is OCBC Securities. It has been known as a top online brokerage division due to its strong stock broking service along with its accommodating customer service. Other than that, its charges are inexpensive which make their servicesmore attractiveto a wider market. There are also other brokerage firms you can choose such as DBS Vickers and Phillip Securities Singapore.


Investment sites to search for

If you want to know more information about the different brokerage firms, other investment services in Singapore, and even the stock market, you can browse onsome other investment sites online. For financial news, you can check on Bloomberg, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal. For stocks research, you can visit the sites of Shares Investment, The Edge Singapore, and OCBC Investment Research.


Looking for investment opportunities is definitely a difficult task. Besides having to risk a large amount of money, you also get to risk a part of your future. With this, it is best to research more on the investment services in Singapore, weigh your pros and cons, evaluate your status and resources, and think about it twice before ever getting yourself into it. Nonetheless, with a good investment plan and with the help of a competent investment service, you can definitely save a good amount of your money as well as ensure a secured future.

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