8 Tips all Virgin Travellers should Memorize

8 Tips all Virgin Travellers should Memorize
8 Tips all Virgin Travellers should Memorize
8 Tips all Virgin Travellers should Memorize

Are you ready to set off for your first expedition? I am sure you just cannot sit still because of the eagerness and avoid publicizing about your first trip. If you are being too nervous because it’s your first trip, don’t muddle it up. To make your life easier, here is a compiled list of tips for first time travelers. Read on and be a smart traveler!

Research like Sherlock

Time to make a bucket list and select the first place you want to travel. Make Google your best friend and talk more to your frequent traveling mates. Dig up all the information right from the cost to the lifestyle, to the local cuisine, to the eminent attractions of various countries. Next step, pick up any one or multiple places that suit your expectation, budget, and mood and go for it.

Take a look at your Passport

Ensure you have a valid passport or you might have to wait a little longer for your first journey to begin if you have an expired one. Also, check out the passport and Visa requirements for the places you planning to land. This is because some countries don’t require Visa or even passport while some have a long list of expectations.

Check your pocket and Bank

Before starting your journey, ensure you have enough money, plus some more. And do this while considering the currency of the country you plan to travel to. Convert the currency, be realistic, and see if you can afford to enjoy that country. Think everything beforehand or you’ll have to pay extra while traveling and regret later.

Pack smartly

Carry light and spacious bags. Stock them up with all the necessary clothes and items. Carry a mix and match set of tops and bottoms, and an adequate number of inners. Ditch all the fanciness unless you are planning to hit a party. The same goes for your footwears. Take along one or two comfortable pairs of shoes.

Sketch an itinerary and be ready to ditch it too

Prepare your itinerary so that you have a better idea of what your first trip. But, when you reach your destination, be a sport and ditch your set plans a few times. Go offbeat, get ready to get lost, take up adventures, and be a sport. You will always cherish the memories of such a trip.

Be accommodating, not nudgy

Be open to absorbing things the way they are and you’ll have a cock a hoop trip. Don’t crib about the climate, food, lifestyle, modes of transport, and locals when you travel to a new place just because you aren’t accustomed to them.

Capture anything and everything

You want to capture everlasting memories and the way to do that is to snap a shot! Invest in a good quality camera, carry spare batteries, and click anything and everything you see on your journey. Don’t wait for the correct moments and capture everything in your camera so that you can return and boast and make your friends and family jealous.

Be good and expect good

Don’t frown at people if you encounter strange glares because that is going to happen and it’s normal! Wear a smile, be inviting, be good with people, and try to make friends. If you respect people in your host country, you’ll be treated nicely. Be an acceptable traveler!

In Conclusion!

Taste the local food even if you don’t like, take up a ride in a vehicle you never traveled in, do things that you always refrained from doing. Explore every bit and try everything and you’ll be able to make your first trip your best trip. Also, you’ll be saved from regrets of missing out on things and moments. Challenge your comfort zone if you have to but enjoy every minute so that you can cherish it for years and decades to come.

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